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The law provides that every employee working in California needs to be provided with at least the minimum wage prescribed by federal and state laws, whichever is higher of the two. In determining your wage, you should be aware that wage is not the same as compensation or hourly rate of an employee. In computing your wage, it should include any and all compensation granted to you not only your basic or hourly wage. Whether you are working as full time, part time, piece basis, commission basis and the like, you should be aware of your exact or actual wage to make sure that you are not being shortchanged by your employer or your rights granted by labor laws are not being violated.

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In computing your actual wage, there are different factors that you need to take into consideration, some of which are your basic pay, split-shifts, alternative work schedules, night differential, tips and other income or compensation. It is not easy to compute your own wage unless your employer is transparent with your records and that you are a permanent employee for a long time. Shorter than these, it is very hard to determine whether you are getting the right compensation you deserve. To prove your rightful wage, you need to at least show work documents to include (i) time cards; (ii) wage rate history; (iii) work schedules of employees; (iv) work flow records; and (v) computation history of the workers’ wages and other compensation throughout their employment with the employer.

If you are working in Los Angeles or in any city or county in California and you believe that you are not getting your correct wage and/or hour, you can file claims with the proper government agencies or in the courts of law. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Hence, if you are serious in claiming the best compensation you deserve against your employer, seek help only from the best employment lawyers like MELG Law Firm’s top Wage and Hour Claims Attorneys in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in protecting the labor law rights of employees throughout California.

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How to Pursue Wage and Hours Claims in Los Angeles?

Wage and hour of a California employee refers to your right to be provided with at least the minimum compensation provided for by law under the number of working hours and rest periods enacted by federal and state laws to protect the employees at work.

What Constitutes an Employee’s Wage?

The term "wage" includes all compensation or remuneration for labor performed by an employee regardless of the term of employment - full time, part time, piece basis, commission basis and the like.

There are various California wage and basic hour laws and federal employment and labor laws protecting every employee's right to get full wages. If you are being underpaid or are not able to receive your wage, applying the correct wage or hour laws in California, then you have a right to file for wage and hours claim against your employer.

  • Evidence to Support the Computation of Your Wage

    The law provides that California employers need to keep your employment records for at least two years, to include:

    • (1) Basic time and earnings cards;
    • (2) Wage rate tables;
    • (3) Work schedules;
    • (4) Order, shipping and billing records; and
    • (5) Records of additions to or deductions from wages, among others.

    By obtaining and/or comparing your records with the records that your employer has, you can prove whether your employer is paying you the right wage and maintaining the work hours mandated by law.

  • How to Compute for Your Wage?

    In order to know the actual value of your wage, whether daily or weekly, you should include in your computation the following:

    • (1) basic pay,
    • (2) split-shifts,
    • (3) alternative work schedules,
    • (4) night differential,
    • (5) tips and
    • (6) other income or compensation

    If after computing everything, you find out that you are not being given the right wage, you have a right to seek the difference or the balance of your wage, together with compensation for damages, both monetary and non-monetary compensation.

  • Know Your Wage and Hour Laws

    Aside from the Fair Labor Standards Act and its implementing rules and regulations which is federal in nature, California laws are enacted specifically to address work and hour issues by employees in California, to include various Labor Code provisions and Wage Orders of the Industrial Welfare Commission. As you can imagine, due to the complex laws surrounding your employment and labor law rights, it is never wise to research on your own or obtain wage and hour claims compensation against your employer. You need to seek legal advice from expert lawyers who have vast experience in dealing with California Wage and Hour Claims. Don't worry about the legal fees because there are top law firms like MELG Law Firm, which provides legal service on contingency basis. Hence, if you are serious in claiming your right wage and to be protected in working within the work hours regulated by law, seek help from expert employment and labor law attorneys for guidance.