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Labor and Workforce Development Agency Lawyers

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The California Labor and Workforce Development Agency Lawyers or LWDA is an agency which oversees seven major departments, boards and panels that serve and protect the rights of employees. In case of employment and labor law violations, as an employee, should be glad that you are provided with different avenues to air your grievances and file your claims or complaints from disability claims, unemployment insurance claims to paid family leave claims and workers' compensation claims. The LWDA oversees different departments to make sure that employees are protected from all types and means of oppression at work. Aside from this, the LWDA also assists employees in looking for work, from providing service trainings to career seekers and promoting the development of businesses in order to create more jobs for the unemployed.

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If you are a victim of employment and labor law violation in California, you should be aware of the timelines for filing of complaints and/or appeals, i.e., appeals in unemployment insurance cases are filed within 20 days from receipt of judgment, same is true with disability insurance ruling.

On the other hand, in cases of general tax issues and other related matters, the appeals are filed within 30 days from the adverse decision. As you can imagine, knowing that you are protected by law does not automatically translate to obtaining your benefits automatically. You should know the procedures as well as the evidence required before you are able to obtain your benefits or get the award you deserve based on your claims.

Therefore, if you need to file a claim or seek help from LWDA, you need to be assisted by MELG Law Firm’s top Labor and Workforce Development Agency Attorneys in Los Angeles who are well aware of the predicament of every unemployed citizen in Los Angeles and throughout California.

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