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Employment and labor law rights are very important to employees to ensure that their well-being are protected at work. These labor laws include the right of every California employee to minimum wage, overtime pay, meals and rest breaks, vacation leaves, sick leaves, holiday leaves, jury duty leaves, voting leaves and severance packages. If you are working in California and your employer violates any of the foregoing rights granted to you by federal and state employment and labor laws, you have a right to claim damages and other losses against our erring employer. The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement or DLSE, also known as the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), was created to enforce labor laws adopted by California statutes to ensure protection of employees from unjust employers.

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For employment and labor law violations, you have a right to either file a case in court or seek redress of your grievance through government agencies designed to help and monitor employee rights at work. Although the rules of procedure are relaxed in government agencies, filing claims with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement could be daunting for a regular employee and even for unseasoned employment lawyers. Filing a wage claim entails filling up of downloadable forms and attaching evidence to support your claim. Also, there are different forms on line for different types of claims and depending on your employment relationship and status.

As you can understand it is not advisable to seek reparation of damage even with the government agencies on your own. This is why you need to be assisted by MELG Law Firm’s expert California DLSE attorneys in Los Angeles to help you accomplish complaint forms and obtain and provide evidence to support your case. There are various evidence needed to support your labor law claims, like in cases of wage claims, you will need to secure proof of your time records, paychecks and pay stubs, dishonored checks and other documents to show that your employer is not providing you with the correct wage.

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