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The law provides that as an employee, your employer cannot retaliate against you for either claiming your employment and labor law rights, for filing a case against your employer or for becoming a witness in an investigation against your employer. Hence, if you file a complaint against your employer on account of illegal acts or wrong doing committed by your employer, you are protected by law from being harassed or retaliated against by your employer. If, after you filed a complaint or helped the proper authorities in their investigation against your employer and you are in turn harassed by your employer, then your employer is guilty of Labor Code retaliation. Manifestations of retaliation by your employer include demoting you from your position, refusal to provide you with your granted leaves, nonpayment of bonuses or allowances or always assigning you dangerous work or work that would be detrimental to your health.

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Please be advised, however, that not all retaliatory acts by your employer are illegal. If you cause damage or ill to your employer by falsely reporting the employer to authorities or by constantly complaining against your employer with agencies that do not handle said complaints with the intent of causing harm to the employer, then your employer has the right to reprimand or terminate you for said malicious acts. However, for any legal, valid or justiciable acts, your employer should not take these acts against you.

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