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How Can I File A Complaint With The California Dept of Labor?

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The California Department of Labor is a state institution that helps protect the rights of the employees and penalizes employers for non-observance of employment and labor laws including violation of the right of employees to minimum wage, overtime pay, meal and rest breaks, tip pooling laws, vacation laws and more. It also oversees and make sure that violations of California labor laws dealing with harassment and discrimination do not go unpunished. Hence, if you are a victim of labor or employment law violations in California, you have a right to claim damages against your unjust employer by seeking redress of grievances with the California Department of Labor.

ca department of labor

If your employer directly causes hostile working environment or fails to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace, your employer is guilty of violating California labor and employment laws. You should be guided by the fact that you are protected in California against any form of unjust treatment at work. These rights are enshrined in our state and federal laws like the California Family Rights Act and Family Medical Leave Acts. However, knowing your laws and using them to protect rights and pursue your claims are two different matters altogether.

If you need legal protection from your employer, seek help only from MELG Law Firm’s expert California Department of Labor Attorneys who are well known in the employment and labor practice because of our uncanny expertise in litigating all employment and labor law violations in court and other quasi-judicial forum. Not all lawyers are sensitive enough to listen intently to every employee victim and treat their case as unique every time.

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