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Sexual harassment happens when you are touched uncomfortably or is the recipient of improper or even lewd comments from your co-employee or employer in the workplace. There are two primary forms of sexual harassment – overt or conspicuous and covert or inconspicuous. There is also the misconception that sexual harassment happens only to women in the workplace. Actually, it could happen to both genders, although women in the workplace are more prone to sexual harassment based on statistics. The aggressors are not also limited to men only, as more and more women gains power in the corporate ladder, the number of sexual harassment cases committed by women bosses are also growing in number.

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If you feel that you are a victim of sexual harassment in California, you need to contact experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys as soon as possible to get counseling as to what constitutes sexual harassment, the evidence you need to obtain and preserve to help your claim and the steps you need to take in order to protect yourself from further sexual harassment or retaliation against your co-workers or employer.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is technically called "quid pro quo" sexual harassment, which means that you are being made to choose or being offered job security in exchange for being subjected by your employer to lewd or sexual acts. Whatever name you call it, it is against the law and basic human decency to be subjected to sexual harassment. Especially if your livelihood and your family's future is being threatened by your employer in exchange for sexual favor, you need to act fast.

MELG Law Firm is composed of highly effective employment Lawyers in Los Angeles who are very much aware of the serious and sensitive nature of every sexual harassment case. Through our wealth of experience, we have developed our own unique system in helping preserve the dignity and security of all our sexual harassment victim clients and make sure that we accommodate their wishes while we get the best compensation against their employers.

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What You Should Know About Sexual Harassment at Work in California?

Sexual harassment in the work place happens when employees like you are subjected to sexual acts or innuendos or even sexual favors and your reactions to said untoward acts form a factor in your employment, i.e. whether you will be hired, promoted, given additional bonuses or assigned lighter or better tasks.

  • Difference Between Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination at Work

    Sexual harassment is all about power and it doesn’t matter if your employer is a man or a woman because said harassment has nothing to do with gender.

    The harasser can either be a male or a female because power has no gender. If you are a male employee and your female employer is making sexual advances or using sexual favors for anyone who wants to get ahead at work then this is sexual harassment.

    Sex discrimination, on the other hand, centers on bias of the employer. Although the gender of the perpetrator is immaterial, the focus of the crime is on the victim’s gender and not his or her sexuality.

    If your employer thinks that male employees do better work at the office than female employees, then as a female worker, you are already a victim of sex discrimination. If, on top of this, you are being harassed sexually and being offered to be treated better in exchange for a date or a kiss, then you are also being sexually harassed at work.

  • How You Can Prove?

    It is not easy to prove sexual harassment at work since most of the times, employers are careful in singling out their victims of sexual harassment. Your employer may give you knowing looks or brush his body against yours every time he gets the chance, without your co-employees noticing.

    Hence, if you are serious in making your employer stop his inappropriate acts against you, and if you want to get the best compensation you deserve for your damages and losses, you should try to remember to do the following prior to filing your claim or your case:

    • 1. You can save your employer’s e-mails to you or even post it notes or text messages;
    • 2. Ask for witness declarations from your co-employees;
    • 3. Save employment records to show the disparity of treatment against you;
    • 4. Obtain copies of the recordings to show proof that such unjust treatment of you is really happening at work; and
    • 5. Seek help from top sexual harassment lawyers in California right away