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In California, it is prohibited for employers to harass employees at the work place based on race, sex, religion, national origin, disability and age, among others. The prohibition applies at all stages of the employment relationship, from hiring to work conditions and even in disciplining employees and up to cessation or termination of the work relationship. If you are harassed at work by your employer or even by your interviewer for work, you should know that you have a right to seek compensation against the guilty party for any and all forms of damage you suffered as a result, whether physical, emotional or psychological.

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Knowing about your employment and labor law rights and pursuing them are, however, two different matters altogether. Your employer has the resources and moral ascendancy against your co-employees which definitely will work against you. Furthermore, the laws and its processes could prove to be very complex even for an unseasoned lawyer. Still, even before the legal process can be initiated there are also internal grievance machineries that you may have to undergo first before you are able to file a case against your employer. As you can imagine, it is very difficult if not impossible to get the best compensation you deserve if you try and negotiate your employment harassment claims on your against the party at fault.

To make sure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve against your unjust employer, seek legal help only from MELG Law Firm’s top Los Angeles Employment Harassment Lawyers who are known for our aggressive stance in going after big corporations who treat their employees with impunity. We provide contingency based representation as well to make sure that we are able to help as many employees as we can who are made victims of unjust employers throughout California.

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