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If you are working in Los Angeles or in any part of California and you suffered work related injuries or illness, you have a right to claim for workers compensation benefits. Workers Compensation laws are enacted to help all employees who have been injured or disabled at work get fix monetary awards or benefits without the need of filing for law suit or claims against their employers. Under the law, employees are not only covered for their present injuries but the law also provides assistance and benefits to disabled or injured employees.

Moreover, for employees who suffered wrongful death due to serious illness or accidents at work, the law provides dependents monetary aid or compensation for death of loved ones resulting from job related accidents or illnesses.

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However, claiming workers compensation is not easy. You have to prove that your injuries were acquired while at work or doing work for the employer. In determining if you have a right to claim benefits for work related injuries, you should be informed that it doesn’t matter whose fault it is that caused your accident. The only fact important to the claim is that you are an employee of the employer and you figured in an accident or suffered ailment while at work or due to work related activities even if outside work premises. If your employer fails to provide you with workers compensation, you have a right to claim damages and losses against your erring employer.

As an employee in Los Angeles, you are governed by the California's Workers Compensation Act. To help you with understanding the laws covering your work compensation benefits or even to assist you in filing a claim against your employer for violating the Work Comp Act, you need to seek help from MELG Law Firm’s expert Workers Compensation Attorneys in Los Angeles who have vast knowledge and experience in seeking compensation for injured employees at work.

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Filing for Workers Compensation Claims in California

Workers Compensation is an insurance mandated by law to be secured by employers to pay for damages and injuries suffered by employees while on the job or in relation to work.

Before you can claim benefits under the Workers Compensation Insurance, you need to know first if you are covered. As an employee in Los Angeles, you should be aware that your work related injuries while inside the work place are not the only work injuries covered by the work comp insurance. It also includes accidents suffered by employees while outside work premises but in relation to the employee’s work.

  • Do You Need to Prove Fault Before You Can Claim Damages?

    No. Work Comp Insurance is a no fault insurance. you can claim benefits even if your own neglect caused your work related injuries. Hence, your employer cannot deny your benefits on account that you are the one at fault or you did not provide proof that your employer was at fault.

    As a matter of public policy, your employer cannot discriminate against you, or harass you or even retaliated against you for claiming workers compensation benefits on account of your work related injuries or illness. If you feel that your employer’s treatment of you at work changed after you obtained benefits from workers.

  • Is Workers Compensation Insurance Optional?

    No. The law provides that your employer must secure Work Comp Insurance for its employees. If your employer failed to obtain Work Comp insurance for the employees or the employer refuses to use Work Comp insurance for their employees because of fear of increase in premiums then said employee is guilty of labor law violation.

    Claiming any type of benefit is never easy, even if the insurance is a not fault insurance. Considering that it is your health and your livelihood are on the line, it is always a good idea to seek help from those who have experience and expertise in the subject matter like MELG Law Firm’s top employment and labor law attorneys who have decades of experience in representing employees in their employment and labor law concerns.