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Workers Compensation Retaliation Lawyer in Los Angeles

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Workers compensation benefits is mandated by law to be provided to all employees who have been injured or rendered disabled while at work to give them a fixed budget in order to be able to get by while getting treatments and putting his or her life back to the pre injury state. You should be apprised of the fact that the law provides for a no fault benefit or compensation for all injured employees in the workplace.

If you are injured or suffered illness or any disability while on the job, then you have a right to be provided with workers' compensation benefits. Your employer is obligated by California laws to obtain workers' compensation insurance to answer for any prospective work related injuries by employees in California.

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As an employee working in Los Angeles, if you are injured at work and claimed benefits and you are retaliated against by your employer as a result, you have a right to claim damages against your unjust employer.

Retaliation takes many forms, to include discriminating against you or treating you poorly at work after you have filed for and/or obtained Workers Compensation benefits for your injuries. As a victim of retaliation at work, you have a right to claim back wages, underpayment and/or non-payment of benefits and compensation for pain and suffering and other losses.

If you are serious in protecting yourself against your unjust employer, seek help from MELG Law Firm’s top Workers Compensation Retaliation Attorneys in California who have decades of experience in protecting employees against work place retaliation.

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How to File Claims in California?

As an employee in California, if you get injured at work, you should be provided with benefits through workers compensation insurance. Workers Compensation Insurance is an insurance obtained by employer as mandated by law in order to answer for injuries suffered by employees at work or in relation to work.

If you are injured and you claim workers compensation benefits and because of this your employer discriminates against you or harasses you for claiming workers compensation benefits on account of your work related injuries or illness, then you are a victim of workers compensation retaliation.

  • Can You Claim Work Comp Insurance as a Temporary Employee?

    Yes. The law does not distinguish who are qualified to seek work comp benefits following a work related injury. Therefore, if you push to get benefit from your employer’s work comp insurance and your employer terminates you from work, then he is liable for retaliation.

    The law provides that your employer must secure Work Comp Insurance for its employees. If your employer failed to obtain Work Comp insurance for the employees or the employer refuses to use Work Comp insurance for their employees because of fear of increase in premiums then said employee is guilty of labor law violation. Hence, your employer cannot bargain with you and say that you may not be covered by work comp insurance.

  • Evidence to Show Retaliation by Employer

    If you are a victim of retaliation at work, you should keep in mind to do the following:

    • • Obtain evidence to support your claims by obtaining employment records to show discrepancy in treatment at work;
    • • File a grievance or complaint with your Human Resources Department to take note of your complaint for retaliation by your employer; and
    • • Contact your trusted Work Comp Lawyer in Los Angeles for help.

    Proving your claim is not easy. You are going against your employer who has the resources and who controls the documents you need to prove your case. As a victim of retaliation, you have a right to claim damages to include unpaid benefits and emotional pain and suffering and other losses. If you are serious in fighting for your legal rights, you need to seek help from employment and labor law attorneys who have the experience in dealing with work comp claims in California.