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The California government provides unemployment insurance benefits to qualified individuals. However, this benefit is not just given to any unemployed person. The law provides that you should have worked for a number of months and obtained the required wage mandated by law before being considered for the benefit.

Aside from the years worked and the amount of compensation earned, another factor would be the manner or reason for your being laid off or let go from your employment.

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Be advised that if you are laid off from work due to your fault or negligence, i.e., tardiness, lack of discipline or any violation of company policies then you are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefit. Accordingly, if you voluntarily quit your job for no reason whatsoever or if you abandoned your post, then you are also not eligible for the benefit. As you can see it is not that simple to apply for the financial assistance. Even if you are covered, there are legal and technical procedures you need to comply with in order to prove your qualification as well as claim the amount of benefit you deserve.

This is why you should never just file a claim without being ready and sure that your claims will be given due course. If your claim is given due course, you will not receive a Notice of Determination but a notice of hearing. You will be given the opportunity to present your case and respond to the administrative law judge’s queries. On the other hand, in case your claim is denied, you can appeal your case through the help of MELG Law Firm’s top Unemployment Insurance Appeals Attorneys in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in representing employees in their appeal to obtain government sponsored benefits like that of the Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

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Hire an Employment Lawyer to Fight for Your Rights

If you file for unemployment compensation claim, you will know that you are denied once you get a Notice of Determination telling you the reason why you are denied. In the same notice, you'll be informed of the period of time your benefits are being denied and how to re-qualify and ask for unemployment compensation hearing. After you receive the Notice of Determination/Disqualification, there are still a lot of things that can be done to help you re-qualify.

You can definitely file unemployment insurance petition with the help of Top Employment Los Angeles Law Firm who have decades of experience in representing all unemployed applicants of unemployment insurance get the maximum unemployment benefits they need to get through their tough situations..

  • We can help you appeal to get you the compensation you deserve

    Our expert unemployment compensation law attorneys are very adept at determining the actual qualifications of each unemployed worker and we know how to get all the necessary documents and other employment records vital to your unemployment claim. If you already deny unemployment compensation, don't fret because we have successfully won hundreds of unemployment insurance appeals already due to our aggressive stance in making sure that every qualified denied claims are reconsidered.

  • Steps in Filing Your Claim

    As a complainant, you need to know the steps on how to build your case and properly file your claims with the proper government agency. In light of this, you need to know the following:

    • a. The factual allegations of your claims;
    • b. The actual laws violated by your employer;
    • c. The evidence required in proving your claims; and
    • d. The proper forum in which to file your age discrimination case.