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Skin color discrimination is among the most common form of discrimination prevalent in the work place. The color of your skin should not be a factor in your hiring, treatment of employment and even in cases of cessation of employment relationship. It is hard enough to get employment during these times and harder still to keep them. However, don’t let your fear of being retaliated against by your employer stop you from fighting for your employment rights. You should know right now that there are penalties imposed by federal and California laws for employers’ callous acts in treating their employees poorly or unjustly because of the difference in color of skin.

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If you are not given the chance to be interviewed for work or even if you are hired but you are given harsher penalties than your other co-workers for the same company violations and/or not given the same benefits given to your co-workers primarily because of the color of your skin, then you are a victim of color of skin discrimination. Aside from this, you should be aware that not only those who are of different skin color as their employers can be made victim of skin color discrimination. If you are being ridiculed at work because of your affiliation with people of a different color frowned upon by your employer then your employer is also guilty of skin color discrimination against you.

The problems of the employee victims with any employment or labor law claims are gathering evidence to support their actions. Hence, if you are serious in claiming compensation against your employer, you need the help of MELG Law Firm’s diligent top employment lawyers who, on account of our decades of experience in championing the causes of all employee victims at work, have already obtained hundreds of millions in awards, to our clients’ great satisfaction. Call Us Now at 866.500-4848 and we will make sure that we make your discrimination case our priority.

Call Us Now at (866) 500-4848 and we will make sure that we make your discrimination case our priority.

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How to Protect Yourself from Skin Color Discrimination at Work?

Skin color discrimination happens when you are treated differently at work simply because of the color of your skin. This is also related to race or origin discrimination in that people of different race or origin normally have different skin colors.

If your skin is brown or yellow, regardless if you are of Asian descent and your employer does not give you the same benefits as your co-employees who are all Caucasians, then you are a victim of skin color discrimination.

  • Can You Be a Victim of Skin Color Discrimination by Your Own Kind?

    Yes. It does not matter if your employer is the skin color as yours. If he prefers other skinned color employees like Caucasians for example instead of dark skinned employees like him, then he is still guilty of skin color discrimination against you.

    When Can Skin Color Discrimination Occur?

    Skin color discrimination happens in all aspects or stages of the work environment, from the moment you are interviewed up to and until the manner you are given compensation or relieved from work.

    Therefore, even if you are just an applicant you can already be a victim of said harassment or discrimination.

    An example of this would be if the interview centers on your origin and/or your skin color and questions relating to where you came from, then you are already a victim of skin color discrimination.

  • What Evidence Do You Need to Show Proof of Skin Color Discrimination?

    As the complainant, the burden is up to you to show that you are a victim of wrongdoing at work. To prove your claim you need hard evidence to show that your allegations are actually true. These evidence include:

    • 1. Employment handbook showing unfair treatment to different skin types;
    • 2. Memo against you with skin color undertones;
    • 3. Pay slips and other employee benefits showing the difference in your compensation;
    • 4. CCTV footage of harassment against you because of your skin color; and
    • 5. Witness declarations from your co-workers attesting to the truth of your allegations.

    If you are a victim of discrimination at work, the best thing to do is seek immediate legal assistance from top employment and labor law attorneys right away. Law firms like MELG Law Firm can protect your rights without much cost on your part. They accept legal cases on contingency basis regardless of the value of your claims so you can rest easy knowing that your employment rights are aggressively pursued.