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Any form of discrimination, to include religious discrimination, is prohibited under federal and state statutes. If you are a part of a religious congregation and you are being ridiculed by your employer and co-workers because of your religious affiliation or beliefs, then your rights in the work place is being violated. You should be aware that discrimination laws are enacted to protect the rights of every employee, i.e., Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which provides that employers may not treat applicants or employees better or worse than other employees just because of their different religious beliefs or practices. From the foregoing law alone, it is clear that if you are given more work or if you are not getting promoted or given the same benefits because of your religious affiliation, then your Civil Rights is being violated and you can seek reparation for all your damages against your erring employer.

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You should also be aware that religious discrimination also happens to employees who have the same religion as the employer. In this case, although you are of the same religious affiliation as your employer, if you comingle or identify yourself with employees of a certain religious affiliation and you are also being persecuted for said affiliation, then you are also a victim of religious discrimination.

Establishing evidence that you are being singled out or discriminated against because of your religion is hard to obtain. Your employer will definitely do everything to deny his unjust act. Also, your co-employees might also not be enthusiastic in testifying against your employer. As you can see it is not easy to claim damages for your losses resulting from work place discrimination.

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What to do in Case of Religious Discrimination in Los Angeles?

Religious discrimination happens when you are treated differently or unfavorably because at the workplace on account of your religious beliefs. The same discrimination applies if you are involved, whether personally or professionally with an individual of a particular religion or if said individual is connected with a religious organization or group.

If you are being singled out or ridiculed or even harassed at work because of your religious belief, such as being a practitioner of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam or Judaism, then you are directly or overtly discriminated against due to your religious beliefs.

Likewise, if you are not treated fairly in any aspect of your employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment, then you are covertly being discriminated against by your employer.

  • Laws Protecting Your Rights Against Discrimination

    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits workplace or job segregation based on religion (including religious garb and grooming practices).

    If you are assigned at the back office or not being assigned to customer facing position because of actual or feared customer preference, then you are already a victim of religious discrimination.

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  • Reasonable Accommodation in Deference to Religious Beliefs at Work

    Your employer’s obligation to you does not end with not actively discriminating against you at work for your religious beliefs. The law even requires your employer to provide reasonable accommodation to you in order for you to be able to observe your religious beliefs or practices.

    However, the foregoing is not absolute. If providing accommodation to you will cause serious burden or disrupt the operations of the business, then management prerogative dictates that such is already not the “reasonable” accommodation mandated by law.

    In this case, the employer will not be liable for religious discrimination if, for example, he refuses to construct a room for you specifically for you to practice your religious acts at work.