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Racial discrimination takes many forms. It can manifest at all stages of the employment relationship, from: failure to hire, failure to promote, unequal compensation and work conditions, uneven implementation of rules and verbal harassment by supervisors, co-workers or even illegal termination or constructive discharge. If you are part of the minority in your work place and you think that you are not treated equally at work, then you may be a victim of race discrimination and you need to seek help from expert employment and labor law attorneys to help you seek compensation for all your damages, injuries and losses resulting from your employer’s unjust treatment at work.

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It is not always easy to spot the tale tell signs of racial discrimination at work. Unless racial harassment against you is very obvious, like when you are not promoted and you are the only minority in the office, you will need hard evidence to show or prove the subtle or covert actions that constitute racial discrimination in the workplace. If you are a victim of name calling, offensive jokes, unsavory pictures or undesirable assignments and you know that this is because of your race or national origin, the first thing you should do is complain to your Human Resources about the unjust treatment. If, after complying with the grievance machinery in your employee handbook, you still are being discriminated against at work, then you need to file legal action to protect your employment and welfare.

Not all discrimination attorneys in California can provide you with the best protection you deserve against your employer while pursuing racial discrimination claims against them. MELG Law Firm’s top Los Angeles Race Discrimination lawyers are adept in negotiating claims for damages brought about by racial harassment in the workplace. In case litigation is the only solution, rest assured that we will fight tooth and nail to get the best award for your damages.

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What to Do in Case of Race Discrimination in California?

Race discrimination is similar to national origin discrimination in the sense that the external manifestation of a person’s race stems from his national origin or roots. However, in race or color discrimination, the focus is on the looks of the person, i.e. his hair, skin color, or facial features.

  • Forms of Racial Discrimination

    Discrimination based on color of the skin

    • If you are discriminated against at work because of the color of your skin or your complexion then you are a victim of race discrimination.

    Discrimination based on association

    • If you associate yourself, whether personally or professionally, with a person of a different race or color and you yourself are also harassed or treated differently by your employer, then you are also a victim of race discrimination.

    Not all employment and labor lawyers are the same. If you want to make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve, seek help only from top law firms like MELG Law Firm which is composed of expert lawyers in the field of employment and labor law issues. Don’t worry about legal fees because a lot of law firms accept employment cases on contingency basis.

  • Can you be a Victim of Race Discrimination Even If You are the Same Color as Your Employer?

    It does not matter if you are of the same race as your employer. So long as you are treated differently because of your color or associate yourself with other race that your employer dislikes, then you are a victim of race discrimination. Even if you are the only one discriminated against and you are of the same color as your employer, you can still be a victim of discrimination.

    Maybe your employer dislikes his or her race for some reason or another and since you are working for him or her, then you may get the ire of your employer, which is a violation of your employment rights.