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Fair Employment Housing Act Lawyers in Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles, California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) provides that those with medical conditions, to include those who are sick, ill or with physical problems should not be treated less at work. Under the FEHA employers are mandated not to discriminate or harass their employees for any reason whatsoever. Aside from this, they also have the obligation to protect their employees’ well-being and make sure that their employees are not being harassed by their co-workers. Furthermore, in case of medical conditions, employers need to provide their disabled employees with reasonable accommodations to make sure that they are not unreasonably made uncomfortable at work. In case of violations of any of the obligations mandated by FEHA, said employer can be made liable for violating FEHA laws resulting in fines and other penalties against said employer.

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As an employee in California, it is up to you to make sure that your rights are not violated at work. However, pursuing your right against your employer is never easy. Your employer has the means to hire defense lawyers who can easily frustrate your claims. Aside from these, the law could prove to be difficult even for lawyers who are not trained or familiar with FEHA rules of procedure or in taking care of employment and labor law concerns.

Hence, if you are serious in protecting your FEHA rights and in claiming the maximum compensation you deserve against your unjust employer, you need to seek legal help only from MELG Law Firm’s top Los Angeles FEHA Violation Claims Attorneys who have decades of experience in representing employee victims from any employment and labor law violations in Los Angeles and in other cities and counties throughout California.

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